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Your safe and stylish Aquadeck® pool cover

Your fully automatic slatted pool cover by Aquadeck® offers stylish protection for your pool. Children and pets cannot reach the water of your private pool. An Aquadeck® pool cover is capable of carrying 70 kg of weight per m2. In theory, a child can walk on the pool cover. Of course this is not what a pool cover is intended to be used for, but it does show how safe an Aquadeck® pool cover is.

With narrower pools, additional measures are necessary in order to guarantee their load-bearing capacity.

Always keep an eye on your loved ones. It's never 100% safe to leave them alone.
And for extra safety, additional measures are needed, such as; a safety lock and a handgrip.
​Ask for the possibilities.

The pool cover also keeps insects, leaves and debris out of your pool, enabling you to enjoy clean swimming water for a long time. Furthermore, the cover is a true gem for your pool.
The pool cover insulates the water in the pool, enabling you to enjoy a pleasant water temperature for much longer. Why not choose for solar slats? Then you will benefit from this effect even more, since the solar slats work like energy collectors.Choosing an Aquadeck® pool cover means choosing for a safe, elegant, energy-saving and durable cover for your pool and many years of trouble-free pool enjoyment.

Fully automatic pool cover
The Aquadeck® pool cover can be opened and closed very easily. You only have to press a button on your remote control or control panel to operate your pool cover. You choose for optimum comfort and ease of use.

Aquadeck® pool cover, built in or surface mounted
There are several ways in which you can integrate an Aquadeck® pool cover into your pool. One option is to build it into your swimming pool. This option shows off the pool's aesthetic qualities. You can also choose a surface mounted construction. Safety and ease of use are also guaranteed in this case. The pool covers can be applied when building a new pool, but they can also be retrofitted on existing swimming pools.

Slats for pool covers
The slats of Aquadeck® pool covers can be made from PVC or from polycarbonate. The PVC slats come in an extensive colour range. You can choose white, transparent, solar and grey so that the slats perfectly match any style you prefer. The polycarbonate slats - which have higher impact resistance and an even longer service life - are available as solar, transparent, metallic solar and platinum solar slats. Aquadeck® pool covers form a safe, stylish, energy-saving and durable cover for any pool.

Short delivery time for pool covers
Our professionals make every pool cover to perfectly fit your pool. We produce your pool cover within 14 working days so that you can enjoy your stylish pool cover within a very short time.